Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Cutaway diagram of SpaceX Starship

SpaceX Starship cutaway diagram
Unofficial cutaway diagram (in German, look for text translation in English here) of SpaceX's Starship by German illustrator Julian Schindler. More of his art here. Starship & Super Heavy is a fully reusable two-stage super heavy-lift launch vehicle and spacecraft currently developed by leading NewSpace company SpaceX. On August 24 mid-September SpaceX's CEO Elon Musk will make a presentation of the current status of Starship development.

SpaceX Starship cutaway diagram by Julian Schindler
Full infographic:
SpaceX Starship cutaway diagram by Julian Schindler - overview
Closeup of the crew section:
SpaceX Starship cutaway diagram by Julian Schindler - closeup of crew section

More speculative internal layouts of Starship by SpaceX fans:

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  1. Great! Can you make an English version?

    1. The author told us he will made updated English version after Elon's presentation.

  2. Was für ein Programm hast du zum erstellen der Infografik genommen ?

  3. It is inspiring to see ideas like this. I find it likely that SpaceX engineers also like to see them. The major challenges I see are (1) microgravity (especially toilets) and (2) standing on Mars/Moon. Why not allow the section below the windows rotate on the interior to artificial gravity? This will allow a space for exercise (jogging), toilets, showers, and perhaps pull-down tables for meals. However the vessel will also spend its time standing upright once it arrives on Mars or the Moon. So it will needs stairs or at least ladders between levels. It will effectively be a building. So the biggest challenge, in my mind, is toilets that can rotate to both positions (without making a mess). I think the rotating area is also best to have plants. You will likely grow potatoes, lettuce, grapes, erbs, and possibly some corn. An artificial rain will clean ammonia (and any heavy metals) from the air.. Carbon filters can clean everything else in the air. The dirty water and sewerage will flow under the floor to where LED lights and algae clean it for re-use... and perhaps this so aquaponics. The purified water will be held in the walls. This way, not only will it flow into sinks, cups, and toilets, but provides radiation shielding for solar storms.

  4. Why will mine not translate to english?