Saturday, February 24, 2024

Harmonia City - Part 5 of Martian sketches by Andrey Maximov

Environment concept artist Andrey Maximov from Armenia has created an impressive set of artworks called Martian sketches depicting a "routine" journey to Mars in 2089. So far he has published 30 pages of those sketches. As the artist describes them: "this series is kind of like the road sketches of a member of an expedition to Mars. It's a routine flight in the not-too-distant future. The planet is more or less inhabited. We have an orbital station around Mars. There are already several settlements on the surface, mining is going on."
  • 1st part (10 sketches) of Andrey's Martian sketches depicted the expedition leaving Earth;
  • 2nd part (5 sketches) depicted expedition's arrival to "International Mars Orbital Station";
  • 3rd part (6 sketches) depicted spaceport "Anteros" on Mars.
  • 4th part (4 sketches) depicted expedition's road to the "Harmonia City".

Here is 5th part (5 sketches) depicting the multi-leveled "Harmonia City" on Mars:

Page 26 of Martian sketches by Andrey Maximov - Harmonia City. Top view

Page 27 of Martian sketches by Andrey Maximov - Harmonia City. Lower level

Sunday, February 18, 2024