Friday, February 28, 2020

Mars base by Ondra Štefák

Picture of the Day 28/2/2020 - Mars base by Czech motion designer Ondra Štefák.

Mars base by Ondra Štefák

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Animation envisioning first human mission to Mars

Images and video animation envisioning first human mission to Mars created by Taylor James design studio for a health care campaign "Destination Survival" by Sudler & Hennessey London.

Astronaut in front of Martian lander by Taylor James studio

Astronauts exploring Mars by Taylor James studio

Mars ascent vehicle launch by Taylor James studio

Sunday, February 9, 2020

Every iteration of SpaceX Starship from 2016 to 2019

Finnish 3D artist Kimi Talvitie has created a side by side comparison of every iteration of SpaceX's Starship from its unveiling in September 2016 to the latest design presented on September 2019. More of Kimi's art here.
  1. 12m diameter carbon fiber Interplanetary Transport System (September 2016)
  2. 9m diameter carbon fiber Big Falcon Rocket (September 2017)
  3. 9m diameter carbon fiber TinTin-style Big Falcon Rocket (September 2018)
  4. 9m diameter stainless steel TinTin-style Starship (December 2018)
  5. 9m diameter stainless steel Starship (September 2019)
SpaceX Starship evolution 2016-2019 by Kimi Talvitie

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Mars colony illustrations by Luis Peres

Nice illustrations of a human colony on Mars by Portuguese fantasy artist Luis Peres for "Generation Mars: Book One - Scratching the Surface" by Douglas Meredith. The goal of this book (published on August 2019) and its upcoming series is to provide younger readers with more serious and realistic science fiction that still tackles the main “what if” quality of the genre. It gives a glimpse into what life on Mars might be like for kids just like them.

The main character, Cas, is the first human child ever born on Mars. Martian kids are living what is, to them, ordinary lives in their underground colony, but for the first time they will be allowed to see and explore the surface of their homeworld. The details of the habitat, its life-support systems, and surface suits are rooted in realistic science and technology, with further details explained in a postscript to the book. Future books of the series will address fundamental issues of survival on Mars: air, shelter, water, food, etc.

Mars Colony by Luis Peres - book cover art for Generation Mars - Scratching the Surface

Mars Colony by Luis Peres - book cover art for Generation Mars - Scratching the Surface