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Sunday, February 8, 2015

Carl Sagan: Blues for a Red Planet (documentary)

Carl Sagan: Blues for a Red Planet cover
Blues for a Red Planet (1980) is a documentary about the exploration of Mars by Carl Sagan - the famous visionary of space exploration and colonization. It is the 5th episode of Carl Sagan's Cosmos series and follows the humanity's gradually improving perception of the planet Mars - from our first looks at the night sky to Schiaparelli's Martian canals and global myth of intelligent but dying Martian civilization and finally the first Mars probes and two Viking landers (the most recent Mars probes of that time).

You can watch the full documentary here:

Carl Sagan and Viking lander

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wanderers - a vision of our expansion into the Solar System

"Wanderers" is a short film by Erik Wernquist depicting "a vision of humanity's expansion into the Solar System, based on scientific ideas and concepts of what our future in space might look like, if it ever happens. The locations depicted in the film are digital recreations of actual places in the Solar System, built from real photos and map data where available." In background of the stunning visuals you can hear the words and voice of Carl Sagan - the famous inspirator of space colonization.

All the scenes seen in film are explained here.