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Thursday, July 4, 2024

Search for a lost colony on Mars in "Deliver Us Mars" adventure game

Sequel to Deliver Us The Moon (2019), Deliver Us Mars (2023) is an atmospheric sci-fi adventure game set in mid-21st century when the ecosystem of Earth is close to extinction due to the effects of climate change. After a mysterious distress call from Mars, Earth’s youngest astronaut Kathy joins an expedition to recover the ARK colony ships stolen more than decade ago by the mysterious science-oriented organization Outward (Kathy's father Isaac is among the leaders of Outward).

Although the story of Deliver Us Mars is strictly linear and you as a player can't impact it, the story itself is well-written and interesting, revealing the truth about the fate of Outward colonists on Mars piece by piece. Some parts of the game felt like a true detective. The atmospheric visual and audial mood of the scenes complements the story well and the final act of Deliver Us Mars features one of the most compelling representations of a human colony on Mars in video games, feeling almost utopian.. especially comparing it to the dying Earth.

Mars colony under a dome in 'Deliver Us Mars' adventure game

Unfortunately, this aspect also leads to some frustration with the strictly linear nature of the game's storytelling - you can't change the main character's endgame decision, no matter how stupid you think it is. Another source of a frustration with the game for some players will be the clunky wall climbing mechanics. Regardless these small issues Deliver Us Mars is a must-play game for any Mars fan.

Visual recap of Deliver Us Mars' STORY

Be aware of heavy spoilers, revealing major story plots.
Even before getting to Mars the expedition is riddled with severe problems
Spaceship approaching Mars in 'Deliver Us Mars' adventure game

Landing on Mars in 'Deliver Us Mars' adventure game
Game's protagonist (main character) is Earth’s youngest astronaut Kathy searching for her father among the lost colonists on Mars
Astronaut on Mars in 'Deliver Us Mars' adventure game
Kathy lands near an abandoned mining facility
Mining facility on Mars in 'Deliver Us Mars' adventure game

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Concept art from "Dome City" - cancelled VR adventure game set on Mars

"Dome City" was a space adventure video game project with multiplayer (rarely seen in adventure games) and virtual reality support. It was developed by a small indie game developer "Overon Station", relaying on a (unsuccessful) crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, and never left past the pre-Alpha stage. In the game three young characters would be stranded fighting for survival in a domed city on Mars abandoned for 100 years. Sad the game didn't saw its release; the concept was interesting.

Here are some concept art images and a teaser for the game project:

Dome City on Mars