Friday, September 29, 2017

"Making life multiplanetary". Official schematics for BFR by Elon Musk, SpaceX

SpaceX BFR Mars transportation architecture
Today SpaceX CEO and lead designer Elon Musk provided an update of SpaceX vision to make life multiplanetary and colonize Mars. Previous name for the colonization class SpaceX booster&spaceship - "Interplanetary Transport System" - has been dropped and now Musk referred to it by the old acronym - BFR*.

Here are video, schematics and images from his presentation (open link in new tab to view image in full resolution):

Lunar surface missions:

SpaceX BFR Lunar surface missionsSpaceX Moon Base Alpha

SpaceX Mars mission architecture and Mars Base Alpha buildup:

SpaceX BFR Mars transportation architectureSpaceX Mars mission early timeline

SpaceX Mars City

SpaceX Mars City - initialSpaceX Mars City - small

SpaceX Mars City - mid-sizeSpaceX Mars City - large

BFR usage in Earth orbit activities:

SpaceX BFR spaceship docked to ISSSpaceX cargo BFR launching large satellite

Earth to Earth transportation:

SpaceX BFR ascent from EarthSpaceX BFR Earth to Earth transportation - landing

BFR schematics:

SpaceX BFR capability comparisonSpaceX BFR launch cost comparison

SpaceX BFR value of refilling (with 1 tanker)SpaceX BFR value of refilling (with 5 tankers)

SpaceX Falcon 1, Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and BFR payload comparisonSpaceX BFR booster capacity

SpaceX BFR spaceship capacitySpaceX BFR spaceship refilling from tanker

SpaceX BFR spaceship compartmentsSpaceX BFR spaceship crew section

SpaceX BFR spaceship propellant tanksSpaceX BFR spaceship Raptor engines

* Originally "BFR" stands for "Big Fu**ing Rocket" but to be more polite the official full name of the rocket system is "Big Falcon Rocket" with the booster stage being "Big Falcon Booster" (BFB) and the 2nd stage (spaceship) being "Big Falcon Spaceship" (BFS).


  1. why waste money on wasted fuel when vehicle can be lifted to orbit by balloon. Then use rockets to propel and still have reserves fuel capacity.

  2. thats a wered thing to say tho