Wednesday, May 1, 2019

SpaceX. Raising the bar!

"Do it", as Elon Musk bluntly replied to the bragging of Boeing's CEO about "beating Elon Musk to Mars" 😁

These days SpaceX is the leading NewSpace company developing innovative and cost-effective rocket/space technologies and beating all the "space dinosaurs" in the field. Its ultimate goal is to colonize Mars. In the spirit of this reality Instagram user starjet_pilot has made this retro style poster (recalling the iconic photography of US soldiers raising the flag on Iwo Jima by Joe Rosenthal) of starmen raising the flag of SpaceX on Mars with the Starship in the background.

Starmen raising the flag of SpaceX on Mars by Starjet-Pilot


  1. Great poster! But why would you think they are starmen? (The artist didn't say.) Good luck colonizing Mars without starwomen.

    1. No one, not even SpaceX & Elon would prohibited woman's from joining though. If they would want to, go ahead !

    2. Edit: I mean, if they want to JOIN (not if they want to prohibit woman)

    3. "Starmen" is plural for official name of SpaceX's "Starman" pressure suit. It isn't meant to specify the sex of the astronauts there.