Thursday, November 15, 2018

NatGeo's MARS TV series: full episodes of season 2

National Geographic's MARS season 2
Watch full season 2 of National Geographic Channel's MARS TV series here. In season 1 the part documentary, part fiction series depicted first human mission to Mars and hardships of building a base on Mars in a lava tube. The six-episode season 2 is digging deeper into the challenges of life on Mars, covering everything from the first Martian-born babies to surviving the common cold to the first commercial efforts by Lukrum Corporation to exploit the planet's resources.

DRAMA PART of full season 2 without documentary cut-ins:

Watch full episodes of season 1 here

More content from season 2:  ► HD images  ► Trailer & images from it  ► Cover art

Episode 1 - We are not alone s02e01

Images from Episode 1
Watch full episode HERE.

Episode 2 - Worlds Apart s02e02

Images from Episode 2
Watch full episode HERE.

Episode 3 - Darkness Falls s02e03

Images from Episode 3
Watch full episode HERE.

Episode 4 - Contagion s02e04

Images from Episode 4
Watch full episode HERE.

Episode 5 - Power Play s02e05

Images from Episode 5
Watch full episode HERE.

Episode 6 - The Shake Up s02e06

Images from Episode 6
Watch full episode HERE.

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