Saturday, December 3, 2016

NatGeo's "Mars" TV series: full episodes of season 1

Watch the full season 1 episodes of National Geographic Channel's "Mars" TV series here. The fictional documentary series are depicting the first human mission to Mars, the subsequent building of the first human base on Mars in a lava tube and the further steps for colonization of Mars till the end of 21st century.

Content from season 2:
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Images from:Episode 1Episode 2Episode 3Episode 4Episode 5Episode 6

Episode 01 - Novo Mundo ( s01e01 )

Episode 02 - Grounded ( s01e02 )

Episode 03 - Pressure Drop ( s01e03 )

Episode 04 - Power ( s01e04 )

Episode 05 - Darkest Days ( s01e05 )

Episode 06 - Crossroads ( s01e06 )

Watch full episode HERE.

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  1. this is the best site to watch nat geo. no cimmercial. can you give me the link for ep6

    1. Here it is:

  2. hello thanknyou.can you give the link for season 2

    1. Here:

  3. Hello @Human Mars,

    Do you have the episode "Making Mars"? It's an extra episode to season 1. It's quite hard to find. I only knew of it's its existence because I checked on IMDB.

  4. Episode 6 doesnt work :( rip