Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Building a new civilization on Mars in "For All Mankind" season 4

Yesterday Apple TV+ released yet another video revealing more details about the upcoming season 4 of For All Mankind alternate history sci-fi TV series. As the co-creator of the series Ben Nedivi states in this featurette: "This season is really about the building of a new civilization on Mars. Last year in season 3 you saw the first explorers arrive on Mars. This season you're actually seeing hundreds of people up there and you're seeing, how civilization becomes civilization".

Judging from the reviews by journalists who were given early access to the first 7 episodes of season 4, this season might be the show's most exciting season yet. We look forward to judging it for ourselves. Season 4 premieres November 10 on Apple TV+, with episodes releasing weekly.

Some of the details for season 4 were previously revealed in a teaser and a trailer.

For All Mankind is exploring the idea of never ending space race if Soviets would have beaten US in the race for the Moon and the intention of the show is each season to jump about a decade further into the increasingly diverging reality of the show: in season 1, depicting alternate 1969 to 1974, both Soviets and US start building their separate bases near the lunar South pole; in season 2 (1983) both bases have been expanded and the superpowers compete for resources on the Lunar surface; in season 3 (1992 to 1995), Soviets and US are joined by a private company Helios and North Korea for a four way race to establish the first human base on Mars.

Here are some HD images from the featurette above.
Happy Valley base on Mars:
Happy Valley Mars base in 'For All Mankind' season 4

Happy Valley Mars base interior in 'For All Mankind' season 4

Mars Lander in 'For All Mankind' season 4
Happy Valley Mars base in 'For All Mankind' season 4
Asteroid mining:
Asteroid mining in 'For All Mankind' season 4

Asteroid mining in 'For All Mankind' season 4
Working in the orbit of Mars:
Mars orbital station in 'For All Mankind' season 4

Repairing a satellite orbiting Mars in 'For All Mankind' season 4

More content from season 4 of "For All Mankind":

Content from previous seasons of "For All Mankind":

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