Friday, July 26, 2019

Next phase of SpaceX Starship test program - sketch by Colin Doublier

Last night SpaceX's Starship test vehicle - the Starhopper - performed its first untethered hop about 20m high. In 2 weeks Starhopper will perform a much higher hop of about 200m, but in a few months the Starship test program will move to the next phase - flights as high as 20 km. For it SpaceX is already simultaneously building two Starship prototypes in Boca Chica, Texas and Cocoa, Florida - Starship Mk 1 & Starship Mk 2 respectively. Those prototypes initially will have three Raptor engines (Starhopper has only one).

Here is a sketch of Starship Mk 1 lifting up by French urban artist Colin Doublier. More of his art here.

SpaceX Starship Mk 1 lifting up - sketch by Colin Doublier

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