Thursday, July 4, 2019

Mars colony in artificial, domed canyon

Picture of the Day 4/7/2019 - design of what could be a human colony in a narrow, artificial, domed canyon on Mars by LAVA architects. This image was done for a design of Masdar City (next to Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) - a futuristic sustainable city project in development and intended to be a hub for cleantech companies.

Mars colony in artificial domed canyon - design for Masdar City (UAE) by LAVA
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  1. Beautiful, but too dangerous to have big lengths without breaking into separate sections: with the thin atmosphere, even small meteors can make it through to the ground, so many more ground strikes than on Earth. Just takes one to punch through or to even just hit nearby carving a crater that undermines a dome's edge, allowing air to escape. A lava tube, with artificial lighting above, makes more sense. But, this design on Earth, cool.

  2. Totally agree., but something like this could be built with multiple sections with airlock sections. Just a little inconvient having to close doors behind you or have it done automatically. Just like on Navy ships... you compartmentize for battle conditions ( Mars case a dome breach). This to me is possible. Just wondering if they can find water or frozen water under the regolith at bottom of Chasmas. Would help the human mind to be able to walk around without a pressure suit. Good idea living and working areas inside walls of Casma to help shield against prolonged UV radiation and solar flares. This really is a cool picture.

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  4. This is a good idea if it can be made air tight. I wonder if, over time, the atmosphere will have to be regenerated so as to compensate for minor leaks around the edges or the permeability of the soil itself.