Monday, April 15, 2019

New official renders of Lockheed Martin's Lunar lander

American aerospace, advanced technologies and defense company Lockheed Martin has published two new renders of its Lunar lander. The lander seems to be scaled down a little if compared to the concept published last year. The purpose of the two-stage lander would be to ship 4 astronauts from NASA's planned Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway to the surface of the Moon and back. The ascent stage is derived from the Orion spacecraft to ensure quicker development of the lander for an accelerated human return to the Moon as early as 2024 (according to the new aspirational timeline of NASA's leadership).

On 2017 Lockheed Martin also proposed its concept for a 4-person Martian lander.

Lockheed Martin Lunar lander on the Moon
Ascent stage docked to the "Early Gateway" in Lunar orbit:
Lockheed Martin Lunar lander docked to NASA Lunar Orbital Platform-Gateway

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  1. Has anyone heard whether Elon is putting together a proposal in response to Mike Pence's procurement of services in support of his declaration that the United States will land boots on the ground within 5 years at the Lunar South Pole?

    Apparently, the ULA was the first to put in a proposal for landing at that designated location. Yet, with ULA's many delays with the Orion-SLS configuration (the EM-4 launches in 2024 and is part of the first landing at the Lunar South Pole) the Boeing - Lockheed plan would clearly be second chance to a Dragon propulsive landing. Orion still doesn't have a remote guidance system, and the upper stage of SLS is still under design review.

    As a follow-up to Musk's launch of Tesla to Mars orbit, it would be quite an impressive feat for his SpaceX co. to respond to the Vice-President's call for lunar landers by landing an un-manned, modified Dragon at the moon as a demonstration of capability.