Sunday, June 24, 2018

Terraforming Mars by Stefan Morrell, National Geographic

Gradual terraformation of Mars by concept artist Stefan Morrell from New Zealand. His picture was used to illustrate Robert Kunzig's article about terraforming Mars in National Geographic Magazine, February 2010 issue, and many more articles about colonization and terraformation of Mars since then.
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Terraforming Mars by Stefan Morrell

Close-up of the central section:
Terraforming Mars by Stefan Morrell

"Making Mars the new Earth" by Robert Kunzig, National Geographic Magazine, February 2010:

Terraforming Mars - stages 1-2 (National Geographic, feb. 2010, pg.30)Terraforming Mars - stages 3-4 (National Geographic, feb. 2010, pg.31)Terraforming Mars - stages 5-6 (National Geographic, feb. 2010, pg.32)

Terraforming Mars in 6 stages:
Terraforming Mars - stages 1-6 (National Geographic)

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