Sunday, June 3, 2018

Occupy Mars - simulation game about Mars colonization

Occupy Mars is an upcoming (as of today: TBD 2018) highly technical open world simulation game about Mars colonization from Polish indie game developer Pyramid Games. In the game you will be able to "build and upgrade your base, discover new amazing regions, conduct mining operations, retrieve water and generate oxygen, grow crops, fix broken parts, learn how to survive on Mars!"

Here are some promo images, posters and a trailer from the developer. Note the SpaceX style spacesuit and ITS 2016 spaceship(s) near the base.

Astronaut on ATV near a Mars base with SpaceX ITS spaceship - Occupy Mars game image

Mars base - Occupy Mars game image

Occupy Mars game poster with astronaut and roverOccupy Mars game poster with Mars base and SpaceX ITS spaceships

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