Saturday, October 29, 2016

HD images from NatGeo's "Mars" TV series

Here are some HD images from National Geographic Channel's upcoming "Mars" TV series which will be broadcasted worldwide starting on November 14th. The fictional documentary series will depict the first human mission to Mars, the subsequent building of the first human base on Mars in a lava tube and the further steps for colonization of Mars till the end of 21st century.

Here are also a bunch of trailers and video clips from the upcoming series.              Open link in new tab to view in full resolution:

National Geographic 'Mars' - Daedalus spaceshipNational Geographic 'Mars' - Daedalus spaceship crew

National Geographic 'Mars' - inside Daedalus spaceshipNational Geographic 'Mars' - leaving Daedalus spaceship

National Geographic 'Mars' - Astronauts exploring MarsNational Geographic 'Mars' - Astronaut and rover

National Geographic 'Mars' - landing zone mapNational Geographic 'Mars' - astronaut in Mars habitat

National Geographic 'Mars' - Olympus Town inside lava tubeNational Geographic 'Mars' - Olympus Town schematics

National Geographic 'Mars' - common area in Olympus TownNational Geographic 'Mars' - lab in Olympus Town

National Geographic 'Mars' - Olympus Town greenhouseNational Geographic 'Mars' - astronaut in dark

National Geographic 'Mars' - Olympus Town wardrobeNational Geographic 'Mars' - helmet

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