Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Mars colony in Moonshot (2022) movie

Moonshot is recently released (March 2022) science fiction teen comedy set in 2049 when trips to Mars has become routine for skilled or wealthy people. A rich, skilled girl (Lana Condor) and a poor, "mediocre" boy (Cole Sprouse) travel together to Mars, each for their own reasons, and after arrival they both discover those reasons were wrong. Although the movie by itself is quite silly with childish dialogues and cheap interior sets, the CGI for Mars colony exteriors is really good. Here are some HD images from the movie:

Spaceship on launch platform at Mars spaceport

Astronauts orbiting Mars

Spaceship launch from Mars colony

Fireworks at Mars colony
Astronaut observing Mars colony

Sunrise over Mars colony

Human colony in a Martian crater

Rovers returning to Mars colony

Mars colony

Martian canyon landscape

Mars colony at night

Private spaceport on Earth

Rocket launch platform on Earth at night

Sunshine over Mars colony

Astronaut exploring Mars

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