Saturday, February 12, 2022

Elon's latest vision for Mars Base Alpha

During Starship update presentation on Thursday SpaceX CEO and lead designer Elon Musk shared to us SpaceX's latest vision for Mars Base Alpha. Here are some images from the animation.
Part of Mars Base Alpha is covered with a large, transparent dome:
SpaceX's Mars Base Alpha from Elon's Starship update 2022
Starships are landing on landing pads some distance away from the base:
Starship landing pads at Mars Base Alpha from Elon's Starship update 2022
Settlers arriving at Mars Base Alpha:
Settlers arriving at SpaceX's Mars Base Alpha from Elon's Starship update 2022
Animation of Starship landing at Mars Base Alpha shared by Elon:


  1. Great site. Its very well thought out. Have made loads of concept drawings myself going back a few decades of probable Mars colonies. Perhaps the eventual Mars capital will be named Aeropolis - Mars City. Where it may or should be located would be debatable and depends on readly available resources close by to sustain it for a long duration. However the Melas Chasma region located inside the Valles Marineris may be favourable due to large amounts of sub surface water detected and of course being close to the equator.

    1. The latest public information (could be outdated by now) - SpaceX is considering several locations in Phlegra Montes, Erebus Montes and Southern Arcadia Planitia for Mars Base Alpha:

      But you are right - 2 months ago it was discovered there are large amounts of subsurface ice in Candor Chaos region, Melas Chasma. It would be a much more preferable location because of lower altitude and closeness to the equator -