Monday, December 6, 2021

SpaceX Legacy: episode 1: Manned Mission to Mars

YouTuber iamVisual has started to produce animated short series about the legacy of SpaceX – the leading NewSpace company developing innovative and cost-effective rocket and space technologies, including the first fully and rapidly reusable rocket system – two-stage super heavy-lift Starship rocket. The 1st episode of the series visualizes first human mission to Mars. You can watch it here:

Cybertrucks delivering astronauts to Starship launch complex:
Tesla Cybertrucks delivering astronauts to SpaceX Starship launch complex
Starship Super Heavy launching to Mars:
SpaceX Starship Super Heavy launch
Starship landing on Mars:
SpaceX Starship landing on Mars
Opening Starship cargo doors on Mars:
Opening SpaceX Starship cargo doors on Mars

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