Mars colony ART

As the number of various artworks related to exploration and colonization of Mars here at is approaching 1000, we have created this index page to browse the content more easily.

These are the most relevant categories of the artworks:

Mars base
Small human outpost or a BASE on Mars

Mars colony
Developed human COLONY on Mars

The Martian rover
Mars exploration ROVER or any service vehicle

Terraforming Mars
Fully or partially terraformed Mars

The Martian astronaut on Mars
Astronaut on Mars

Mars space station

Space station or a spaceship in Mars orbit or on Phobos/Deimos

SpaceX spaceship on Mars

Spaceship on Mars or on the way

Mars landscape
Martian landscape

Sandstorm on Mars

Sandstorm on Mars

The Martian greenhouse
Mars greenhouse or a garden

Mars base interior design
Mars base interior

Underground colony on Mars

Underground colony or a base on Mars

Martian colony or base with a dome

Mars independence
Fiction exploring the idea of Mars independence from Earth

Distinct Mars exploration or colonization projects:

Geographic places of Mars:

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